Monday, May 5, 2014

Reading vs Watching

Am I the only one who hates watching movies about books I already read? Idk if its just me but watching a movie version of a good book just ruins the book for me. Its like I always have high expectations on how the movie should be but it never meets the expectations.


 Last night I went out to a town center close so where I live. I went with my best friend and we had a good night overall but I ended up cursing someone out. What had happened was, I was walking to the ice cream store when 3 thirsty guys walked by. Then one of them turned and said "Aye lemmi holla". Me and my friend looked at them, then looked at eahother with the wth face. We just kept walking when the same guy yells "See that's why no one likes you black bitches!" He said it with such confidence that he wasn't going to get put in his place.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Old friend

 So today I was casually getting myself some subway when  ran into a special old friend. I knew him senior year of high school and I always had a thing for him. He was always so sweet to me and not to mention, VERY CUTE. But the only problem was. I had a boyfriend at the time, so I always kept my distance and set boundaries. Now I am single and ready to mingle. He asked for my number and OFCOURSE I gave it t him. Time to see where this goes. ;)

Freshmen year

Can we please rewind time. My freshmen year of college is already over. I feel like its only been a month not a whole year. I am blessed to have met such wonderful people. Aissi Odile Bri Destini will forever be my babies even if I wont see them for a while. These 4 beautiful girls have become such a big part of my life over through out the year. They have all proved to me that they care about me and that's all I really can ask for. I am beyond thankful for these ladies.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Recently I've been feeling more and more ungrateful. I've been thinking about doing something that matters and helps people. So I have decided to throw a charity event. The only problem is, what event should I do..... Help please.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

RBC basketball

During high school i would never want to go to the basketball games, i would go to some of the football games but not the basketball games. Its not like my school was terrible we were ranked pretty high in the nationals. When i got to college the peer pressure was real. Every one kept talking about how good the team was. At first i was like okay okay shut up i don't care. But then one day my friends forced me to go to a game with them. When i got there i was just bitter and angry. I did not want to be there. Everyone was all loud and rowdy, which seemed to piss me off even more. But then a miracle happened. i actually payed attention to the game and it wasn't that bad. As soon as i noticed i was cheering and being rowdy just like everyone else. I actually enjoyed myself, and even though every kept telling me how good we are i was shocked myself. Go statesman!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just Find the Love

Have you ever realized how scary it is to love someone? Loving someone is you giving them power. The power to basically control you like robot. Not always physically but emotionally. If your love wants to have a good day and to feel happy and joyful, he or she will do so. But its just that easy for them to ruin your day and make you feel like crap. Many hearts break everyday due to the insensitivity of a loved one. So why would anyone ever allow someone to have to much power over them? It never seems worth it until the one comes along. The one that changes your perspective about everything you ever thought you knew in this world. The one who makes the darkest days brighter than the sun. So many seem to rush into what they think is love, then end up missing their true soul mate. then those end up to be the old grumpy people who don't believe in love. It exists you just have to find it and not waste your time with people who put you down more then they pick you up.